Saturday, December 20, 2014

Letter to Charlie Sheen

Dear Charlie, 

You probably don’t remember me, but we met a long time ago at a topless bar in Phoenix, Arizona called Bourbon Street. I was a dancer there! Of all the famous people I saw during my 18-year career, you were definitely the most memorable to me. 

Since those days in the 1990s, I’ve made discoveries about the human condition and transformed my life thanks to the teachings of psychologist Alice Miller. I wrote the enclosed book, A Dance to Freedom, to show people how they too can break free from the lies and illusions that society tries to shove down everyone's throats. 

I’ve had an exciting life but I’ve never felt better than I do today. I’m completely free from the emotional prison that had kept me down and bound me to the authoritarian family members who raised me. I hope you’ll take a look at the book, as I believe it will help you better understand yourself and see those around you more clearly. 

All the best, 

Sylvie Imelda Shene

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