Saturday, October 3, 2015

We live in upside down world.

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We live in upside down world. Liars, sociopaths and narcissists get rewarded and all of the attention in our society and the people that tell the truth based on facts and evidence get ignored, punished and destroyed, just because the general public is too emotionally blind and scared to speak up and stand up for the truth and what's right.

Fred Koepke are a modern day "Joan of Arc" t'aime. I read your book and cried ...very emotional...sigh
It made me rethink all the hurt that I caused to my early love interests...sigh
testosterone can destroy a man's perception of ...many thgings..where do you want to start?....sigh

Monica Chelagat It isn't testosterone alone it is a cultural and childhood experience that formed you but looks like you have woken up for the good of others as well as yours. It is harder to forgive oneself but you can start with thinking that you did not hurt 'consciously' and wouldn't do it today with the awareness that you have now gained.

Sylvie Imelda Shene Very well said, Monica.

Sylvie Imelda Shene Fred, thank you for reading my book! I'm so glad it made you reflect about your own life. That was the whole purpose of my book! Thank you for the highest compliment ever! I have identify with Joan of Arc in my life many times!
 It's sad, but people have not changed much since Joan of Arc's time, people now don't any longer burn people alive! Now, they are more sophisticated, they resort to a psychological lynching to destroy those speaking the truth in order to cover up their lies and go on as usual. Just look what happened to me at my last job, they did everything in their power to murder my soul.

Bill Howard That's right Sylvie - you go and question the status quo for one little minute and the majority turn against you - that is how George H W Bush, Sir Jimmy Savile etc etc got away with it for so long!

Sylvie Imelda Shene Sadly we live in a society where most abusers are protected and narcissism is enabled and glorified, especially if they are famous and rich. And this is also why the famous prestigious Dr. Julio Macado Vaz in Portugal have been able for 4 decades sexually abusing his patients and no one has exposed him yet.

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