Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Secret by James Arthur Ray -- Fatal Retreat

The exchange of our last texts brought to mind the followers of The Secret by James Arthur Ray, that because they didn't listen to the messages of their bodies, but instead listened to the stupid guru of the stupid book The Secret, they lost their lives. I am sure his followers were very well behaved children and did what their parents asked of them and now they do what people symbolizing their parents ask them to do, even if their lives are in danger. And never question themselves why they feel something is missing in them? And they allow themselves to be exploited by charming gurus or cult leaders, just like they were exploited when they were defenseless little children.

My experience is the same as Alice Miller, it has taken me all my life! " … It has taken me all my life to allow myself to be what I am and to listen to what my inner self is telling me, more and more directly, without waiting for permission from others or currying approval from people symbolizing my parents… Successful therapy should shorten this long journey. It should liberate us from our ingrained adaptation strategies and help us learn to trust our own feelings - something our parents have made difficult, if not impossible. Because it was prohibited, and hence feared, right from the beginning, many people find it impossible to embark on such a journey. Later, the role played initially by our parents is taken over by teachers, priests, society, and morality, all of them conspiring to cement this fear. And cement, as we know, is very difficult to soften.” The Longest Journey 

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