Saturday, October 28, 2017

Blindness for the crimes of parents can be found in all ethnic groups

"It is true, black people have had so much to suffer from the cruelty of white people that the solidarity with their families gave them probably a kind of protection. But the blindness for the crimes of parents is by no way smaller among other ethnic groups. 

It is the same all over the world, among Europeans, Chineses, Japaneses, Christians, Moslims. In all religions it is forbidden to have authentic feelings and to feel rage towards the abusers, it is instead allowed to take revenge on the small children, to beat them, and to teach them the lie that cruelty is "for their own good". 

Very early most of these children believe as adults in beatings and don't know that they are stuck forever in their eternal fear of their parents. They remain scared children their whole life instead of becoming adults who can be respectful of their offspring. 

Concerning Prozac and other medication, I think that they may help us to feel better but can block the experience of emotions stored up in our body. However, it is exactly these emotions which give us access to our history, so that in long-term we can feel better."
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