Thursday, November 1, 2018

The Creation of a Home

I have created a home for myself where every being living here can be free to live and die in peace. If you like to create a home for yourself where you are free to be yourself -- to live and die in peace – read my book: A Dance to Freedom: Your Guide to Liberation from Lies and Illusions.

Like I wrote in my book page 174 and 175: “Starting today, right now, you can use any trigger — a smell, a person, a situation, a touch, a place, a word or anything else that pushes your buttons — as an opportunity to be free.

You no longer have to give in to the part of yourself that wants to blame the triggers or hide behind quick fixes. You now have all the tools you need to connect to something deep within you that needs to be confronted, no matter how tempting it is to find a scapegoat or run away.

I’m so grateful to Alice Miller for helping me free myself from my repressed childhood emotions that I’ve dedicated my life to offering emotional support to others. I’m determined to help you get the information you need to free yourself from lies and illusions, so I’ll start you on your journey with these words from the woman who became my enlightened witness through her writings: “It is only after it is liberated that the self-begins to articulate, to grow, and to develop its creativity. Where there had been only fearful emptiness or equally frightening grandiose fantasies, an unexpected wealth of vitality is now discovered. This is not a homecoming, since this home has never before existed. It is the creation of a home."

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