Friday, January 11, 2013

We live in upside down world

The link below it kind of shows how Steve Jobs reenacted what happened to him by rejecting his daughter the same way he was rejected by his mother that carry him inside her for nine months, and gives birth to him and then gives him away just as a kitten and he took it out unconsciously and compulsively on others for the betrayal he suffered when he was just a little baby boy. And the reason Bill Gates has been more charitable and kind, maybe, was because he had a mother that cared for him when he was a little boy and did not give him away like a kitten. And the saddest about Steve Jobs is that he never understood himself and these psychological mechanism and unconsciously and compulsively reenacted the trauma he suffered when he was just a little baby boy until the very end of his life by betraying himself and his own body rejected him also, just like his mother did when he was a tiny little baby, causing him to die prematurely. It’s very sad that society at large cannot connect the dots and learn from the story of this man that got into the stage of the world and told his true story unconsciously in a symbolic way.  And what really is the saddest is that “pro-lifers” exploit his story to push their agenda.  We really live in an upside-down society! Most people in our society are not interested in the true plight of Steve Jobs and how he suffered. They only admire his successes, his inventions, and all his money, that’s all they care about.

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