Monday, May 20, 2013

“Baby factories”

Authorities are still seeking the woman who is suspected of selling babies at the home, BBC reported. A 23-year-old man suspected of impregnating the teens has been arrested. “Baby factories,” as they’re called, BBC said, are not uncommon in parts of Nigeria. The babies are sold at illegal adoptions, sold into slavery or labor, or — when they’re grown — put to work as prostitutes. European Union statistics show Nigeria and China as the biggest traffickers in humans.
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This is going on all over in America, because every time a woman is manipulated and coerced to carry a pregnancy to term to give up for adoption she is in a baby factory.  People are so unconscious and repressed that they can’t see and feel the pain and suffering that their actions will cause, that is going to be felt until the end of time, because the chances these traumas to ever heal are very slim, not when so little true enlightened witlessness are available in our world, even with an enlightened witness not everyone finds the courage and strength to feel the pain of their tragic beginnings.

The other day I was cat sitting and turned the TV to a local channel, I think was channel 12 and this Christian teenager was a guest on a show, she counsels other pregnant teenagers not to go through with their abortions and asks them to make the ultimate sacrifice, to carry their pregnancies to term and give birth to their babies to give up to adoption, and the show’s host was praising her for the great work she was doing. This girl is just a very gifted child that has tune in to the expectations of the unconscious adults in her world and to secure her own survival is doing what pleases the unconscious adults and is hurting young teenagers under the disguise of helping them, but really she just helping herself by exploiting other teenagers to secure her own survival and continues the circle of pain to go on for eternity. Every time someone is asking you to make the ultimate sacrifice, this person is asking you and all the generations that follow to hurt until the end of time and we should tell them to fxck off and get out of our lives.

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