Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Stripping the gurus” by Geoffrey D. Falk -- this book is good

I just started reading this book and so far the little bit I have read it’s awesome.
The words below in Geoffrey’s book are so true! It’s exactly what is happening to some members at the cult group I talk about in my blog People Unlimited. 
Some members of this group have become very phobic of the outside world and live in fear if they leave the group they will die.  The leaders give the members the illusion of freedom and love, but the reality is, they are in a very closed emotional prison very hard to escape from.
“…. For, that in no way offsets the blind belief inherent in the claimed necessity of keeping the guru-disciple vow, where the punishment for breaking that vow is to be cast into Vajra hell or the like. East or West, southern U.S. or northern India/Tibet, agrarian or postindustrial, all makes absolutely no difference. Rather, the fear of long-term punishment will produce exactly the same rigid reactions, and inability to walk away from toxic situations, in the East as in the West.  The universal nature of known psychological structures and dynamics throughout the human species guarantees this.
  When [alleged] cult leaders tell the public. Members are free to leave any time they want; the door is open,” they give the impression that members have free will and simply choosing to stay. Actually, members may not have a real choice, because they have been indoctrinated to have a phobia of the outside world. Induced phobias eliminate the psychological possibility of a person choosing to leave the group merely because he is unhappy or wants to do something else (Hassan,1990) That is, individuals in so-called cults who have been taught that bad things will happen to them should they leave will be no more “free” to exit those environments than someone who is petrified of water would be “free” to go swimming.”

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