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Sociopaths Hate Us

Yes, they hate us for being real, authentic and truthful. And yes, our very existence can ignite their erratic defense mechanisms. I found out that the last sociopath I worked with in Paradise Valley, got angry and walked out on the job on Friday, June 3! The truth always comes to the surface sooner or later! They got a dose of his poison! And yes, I have learned how dangerous sociopaths are -- after being targeted by a mob of sociopaths at my job of nine and half years! I will never look at another human being the same!

"That said: Do not tempt a sociopath’s rage. Sociopaths hate us. Our very existence can ignite their erratic defense mechanisms. I do not want to downplay the danger with a sociopath. Do not argue, challenge or threaten them. When you see what they are, do this: Zip it. Stay silent. Get them out. Or go yourself.
Stand up! See the sociopath for what he or she is! Reframe the entire debacle from the viewpoint of a sociopath’s mind. Use their weaknesses to leverage them out of our lives and minimize the damage."

Sociopaths Hate Us 

Very true! This is exactly what the bullies, assholes, sociopaths or whatever you like to call these very toxic people are trying to do to me! But the more they come after me with their lies, the more their true colors come to the surface and the more pathetic they look.

"Once we see them for who they are – and they know we know – the sociopath drops all pretense. The sociopath behind the mask comes out to play. The monster steps out front and center. There’s nothing like looking into the eyes of infinite, bottomless inhumanity."
Totally! Once they knew I knew that's when they came after me viciously! And I saw pure evil!
PsychopathFree While I understand both men and women can be the victims of smear campaigns at work, women in positions of power face an especially tough time. Having been the victim of a workplace smear campaign, by another woman to boot, I can attest that the author's summation here is spot on:
"If you've attempted to speak truth to power, to stand up for tough decisions, or even if you've reported work-place will most likely end up with a target on your back. Smear campaigns are often a cowardly tactic utilized to victimize women, with the ultimate goal of forcing them out of their positions -- or into silence." 
Sylvie Imelda Shene I have met a lot of cowards lately! Too afraid to make a stand and they let the sociopaths get away with an attempt to destroy a person! Since being a target of a mob of sociopaths at my last job of nine and half years. I will never look at another human being in the same way! "Bystanders now possess the ultimate responsibility in standing up for our collective fight against injustice, bullying, violence, and intimidation. "IT'S ON US" a new campaign spreading, to suggest that bystanders should no longer look the other way. And to reiterate that proverb that we all know to be so true, "Silence is never neutral. You must always pick a side". In this case, we hope you will choose #courageover #fear.
Please think long and hard before you agree to look the other way when someone is victimized by violence or abuse. And instead of passing around gossip like it's candy on Halloween -- consider the source and the motive -- and choose to rise above it. Consider the role you would be playing in perpetuating a character damaging smear campaign. And realize that smear campaigns are most often the handy work of cowardly and insecure personalities. Otherwise, open dialogue and healthy confrontation, in the light of day, would replace these dark, brutal tactics."
Good comments on the Psychopath Free Facebook page.

Totally! They are so good at playing the victim role! All the sociopaths at my last job of nine and half years accuse me of doing of what themselves do! And they act like they are my victims! They are beyond pathetic!!! They went to the trouble this last Friday of sending a letter to one of my friends in the community telling him lies about me. It's kind of funny because I'm the one that picked up the letter at the gate and hand delivered it to my friend. We just laughed of how pathetic they are!!!
Yes, they do! 

The pity play

Tip-off trait of a sociopath
Look for the pity play

Is there any mannerism, any type of behavior, any use of language, that can identify a sociopath?
According to Martha Stout, Ph.D., author of The Sociopath Next Door*, the best clue that you are dealing with a sociopath is the pity play.
“The most reliable sign, the most universal behavior of unscrupulous people is not directed, as one might imagine, at our fearfulness,” Stout says. “It is, perversely, an appeal to our sympathy.”
The combination of consistently bad or inadequate behavior and frequent pity plays, Stout continues, is the closest thing to a warning you’ll ever get that you are being manipulated by a sociopath.

Sociopath manipulation techniques

In her book, Stout also describes other techniques that a shameless sociopath will use to keep the rest of us in line. They are:
  1. Charm
  2. Risk-taking, and convincing others to do it with them
  3. Recognizing a person who is decent and trusting—the perfect target
  4. Sexual seduction
  5. Crocodile tears—especially when sociopaths are about to be confronted
  6. Righteous indignation—Plan B when sociopaths are about to be confronted
  7. Exploiting social and professional roles
  8. Gaslighting—making victims doubt their own perceptions
The term “gaslighting” comes from a 1944 movie called Gaslight, in which gold-digging husband marries a rich, innocent woman and tries to make her feel like she is going insane. Sociopaths are experts at it.

For a sociopath, winning is all

A sociopath has no conscience, no emotional attachment to others, and no ability to love. For a sociopath, Stout says, “life is reduced to a contest, and other human beings seem to be nothing more than game pieces, to be moved about, used as shields or ejected.”
So what does a sociopath want? According to Stout, a sociopath wants only to win.

Now looking back I have been singled out since my childhood by sociopaths or people that have masted the art of repression and transference to perfection and the moment they discover I see through their chirpy facade I become their target to destroy. I remember my first-grade teacher hating me because she knew I could see through her and she always put on in front of parents and others outside the classroom. I didn't mean to let her know that I saw through her chirpy facade, but I realize now looking back that I did and she hated me for being a seeing child and bullied me and humiliated me in front of the class to an extreme. 

Groups dynamics don't change much from grade school all the way to adulthood. Most people remain stuck in childhood without realizing it. And this is why I don't join groups because as seeing and compassionate person I tend to be overlooked or attacked and ostracized by the sociopath in the group aided by all the emotionally blind people.  
To read more about my experiences with the mob of sociopaths or narcissists at my last job read my blog Experienced Knowledge  

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