Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Media is Like a Deer Caught in the Headlights

Obama: the media did not handle leaks properly

The media is like a deer caught in the headlights, they become blind and miss all the important stories... 

I have been trying to get the media's attention to a very important story and sometimes I wonder what will take to get the media's attention?! In this case world war III?!

Carla F. Ward: The press talked and talked and talked about those emails and nothing else. No other story would sway them from their constant, relentless, endless discussion of the goddamn emails from 4 years ago which were not illegal and did not contain classified information and in fact turned out to be a whole lot of nothing.

Meanwhile, they practically ignored Russian interference in our election processes, the unbelievable corruption and venality of Donald Trump, and any number of other truly disturbing stories which they only lightly touched upon, if at all.

Suzette Sommer: Well, now the lazy ass Hillary hating press can face the music, with a fascist GOP and a maniacal Trump who would not hesitate to pull a Benghazi style investigation into ANY of them, full on McCarthyism, and throw them to a kangaroo court.

Happy NOW that Hillary was your target vs Trump???

Oh, gee whiz, what DID you DO for ratings?

Pandered to a madman and the Tea Party.

Not smart.

How do you like having your press passes under threat?

How do you like Trump going to Sinclair and dictating how you will cover his administration?

Maybe there will be a renaissance of print media with broadcast totally fucked and publicly sold out.

If you like to read more about my experience with a mob of sociopaths also read my blog post Experienced Knowledge 

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