Monday, June 26, 2017

Most people's objective in life is to one day own their own slaves

The author of the article below has figured it out!
And this is why I was attacked by a mob of sociopaths at my job of nine and half years because my book threatened their power and they couldn't handle the thought I could become more wealthy and powerful than them. They did everything in their power to stop me in my tracks. They slow me down, but they have not stopped me. 
And this is also why a lot of them, hiding behind religion and god, are against abortion and birth control also because it's a sure thing to have an endless supply of slaves and keep poor vulnerable women stuck in the vicious circle of slavery and poverty. Most people objective is not freedom for themselves and others. Most people's objective is to one day own their own slaves.
"This isn’t about money, this is about power. The wealthiest of the wealthy in America haven’t been doing everything they can to stave off universal healthcare and economic justice in order to save a few million dollars. They haven’t been fighting to keep you poor because they are money hoarders and they can’t bare to part with a single penny from their trove. It’s so much more sinister than that: the goal isn’t to keep you from making the plutocrats a little less wealthy, the goal is to keep you from having any wealth of your own." Read more here

If you like to read more about my experience with a mob of sociopaths also read my blog post Experienced Knowledge 

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