Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Most Groups Become Cultish

VA: I love your book. I would like to be a Facebook friend with you or to be a member of a group. Do you provide therapy?

SIS: Thank you for reading my book and for writing. I don’t provide therapy, but I do try, as time allows me, to write back to everyone that writes me.  

I wrote my book sharing my journey to emotional freedom -- to be a therapy -- and a support to aid others liberation from their emotional prisons.

I don’t run any therapy groups, because I don’t believe in group therapy. From my experience I find it to be a distraction to our emotional work – to experience our authentic feelings -- and no matter how good the intentions of the group creator are – most groups become cultish and a trap keeping people stuck in the state of dependence and they don’t encourage or aid a person’s autonomy. 

VA: I sure do completely Agree with you. By the Way, thank you for your Quick response. I just don't really know how to heal. I feel sort of lost. Looking for solutions. Your book is wonderful. I have never seen so much clarity and courage, especially when disclosing holy cows as AA or Al-anon. You are brave and you are unique. Thank you

SIS: You're welcome. I wish I could hold everyone's hand through the repressed excruciating painful feelings of the child they once were, but I can't --- in the end -- we are all alone -- if we want to truly liberate ourselves --- we must find the courage and strength to allow ourselves to consciously feel all the repressed emotions of the child we once were, as present circumstances trigger them to the surface.  Wishing you courage and strength

VA: So It is. Your courage is very inspiring. That’s enough. Thank you 😺👍 and for your honesty is so very important because simply it is so extremely rare since as you say as soon as one enters into a relationship in therapy or group immediately we are triggered to reenact the roles and traumas or even worse and unfortunately more common. Someone there is more than eager to make living out of others misery and thus subconsciously prolongs the unhealthy state of dependence.
SIS: You seem to understand. Congratulations!

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