Friday, December 7, 2018

Will Never be Peace on Earth without Resolving Childhood Repression

I agree with the written words below by Krishnamurti. Without self-knowledge and facing our own repression will never be peace on Earth --- I did my part --- I resolved my childhood repression -- and wrote a book sharing the keys on how to resolve our repression and inner conflicts to create a peaceful world for ourselves -- even if most people -- in the external world remains in a constant war unconsciously and compulsively looking for scapegoats to take revenge for the wrongs done to them when they were defenseless little  children. 
Now please tell me -- why so few people -- and none in the media -- or in the stage of the world has paid attention to my book -- a connected story with a true resolution -- but instead they pretend not to see me. 
You would think if people were interested in a peaceful world would like to talk with someone that has found the keys and knows how to work them to create peace for ourselves.
"because hunger is the consequence of economic disruption caused by our psychological states, greed, envy, the will to harm, the possessive sense." this is the reason the property manager at my job of nine and half years started the plot to destroy me because she was driven by envy and greed. she wanted everything for herself and didn't want me to have more than her. She wanted me to die slowly on the sidewalk. 

"To bring peace to the world, to end all wars, it takes a revolution in the individual, in you and me.

An economic revolution without this internal revolution would make no sense, because hunger is the consequence of economic disruption caused by our psychological states, greed, envy, the will to harm, the possessive sense.

In order to put an end to the torment of hunger and wars, a psychological revolution is needed, and few of us agree to see that fact. We will discuss peace, plans, we will create new leagues, the united nations indefinitely, but we will not break peace, because we will not renounce our situations, our authority, our money, our possessions, Our stupid lives.

Counting on others is totally futile; others cannot bring us peace. No political leader will give us peace, no government, no army, no country.

What will bring us peace will be an internal transformation that will lead us to external action.
This internal transformation is not isolation, a setback to action. On the contrary, there can be no effective action only when thought is clear, and there is no clear thought without knowledge of self.
Without Self-knowledge, there is no peace." Krishnamurti

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