Saturday, November 21, 2015

Don’t Show your Vulnerability to Narcissists, Sociopaths and Psychopaths

This is what makes the property manager and her flocks at my last job so evil! Because after reading my book, they knew my history and they were confident, they could regress me to my childhood wounds and make me lose my mind, so they could say: I always have been messed up and discredit me so they could go on with their facades, lies, and illusions, as usual, they rather destroy me than face their own painful truths. I never have seen pure evil like I did at my last job. You would think to work in an upscale gated community I would be safer from evil than dancing in a nightclub, but in my 18 years as a dancer, I never saw pure evil directed at me like that.

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Monica Chelagat Absolutely right Sylvie. It was the same for me. I couldn't share with anyone not to show my vulnerability, but all the same, she/they used a colleague who they chose to 'assist' me or team up with me to monitor to my stability in my private life. Really awful they were. So this post very well expresses that experience too for me.

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Monica Chelagat The worst trauma is invisible, it subjects the victim to suffer even more in isolation with the ignorant ones labeling as playing the victim. I have received hints on such an annoying attitude.

Sylvie Imelda Shene Yes, Monica, emotional abuse is worse, if I had been shot in retaliation for writing my book sharing my life experiences and psychological discoveries, I would have the attention and sympathy of the whole world, but because the violence I suffered to try to silence me was psychological nobody cares.

Monica Chelagat It is difficult to keep it all inside you, I am sorry I had to expose what I went through and may have lost much sympathy from former colleagues and friends. But it was more important and healing for me to speak it out. Those that have let or avoid me were not friends after all. The real ones remain, always.

Sylvie Imelda Shene Yes Monica, it's important to speak up and not keep it inside to protect our physical and mental health, even if no one is listening and understands. It's the repression that can be dangerous to our physical and mental health.

Steve Thomas People can really stink sometimes. Hang in there, Sylvie.

Sylvie Imelda Shene Thank you, Steve, for your support and the courage to stand by me!

Steve Thomas Not a matter of courage. But it's been a long time since that happened, I hadn't said anything and I decided I couldn't live anymore with being your Shittiest Most Worthless Facebook Friend. (little attempt at humor, there. You don't have to laugh, it's okay.)

Seriously, nobody needs to tell you that time absolutely does *not* heal all wounds, and it's definitely possible you can find better advice than this, but I think I might know kind of what you're feeling. Ridiculous as it sounds, the only 'advice' or 'support' that anybody ever gave me that made a dime's worth of difference during bad times was 'Hang in there'. So that's what I wrote. Doesn't take courage.

Sylvie Imelda Shene I’m laughing! smile emoticon Steve. The mob of sociopaths at my last job didn't hurt me emotionally! Emotionally I’m stronger than ever!!! Maybe my memory got affected a little bit. The only real difference is that I used to give people the benefit of a doubt, but now I don’t any longer give them the benefit of a doubt and take the red flags and my gut feelings very seriously! I post a lot about my experiences with narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths, because I want to expose these evil people, acting as if personality, pretending to be human and good people, but are wolves in sheep’s clothes, yes I did lose half of my income and I’m struggling financially a little bit, because I took a loan to pay for the book publishing costs, because the Indiegogo campaign only raised about $6000, the rest of the contributions were all mine!!! And until I pay off the loan payment of $470 every month, it’s tough for me. I was not comfortable running a campaign to raise the money, because I’m used to people giving me shit I don’t need or I don’t give a damn about to impress me, manipulate me and fool me to like them, but when something is really important to me and I really care about, they pretend not to see it and they ignore it, but my co-writer convinced me to run the campaign, he said that I work so hard and I should allow people to help me sometimes, he was still very naive about the true nature of most people, but working with me on my book and my experience at my last job, I think it has helped him open his eyes to see the true nature of most people.

Very true! The fact that I was getting good reviews on my book was one of the major reasons that drove the property manager to try to destroy me, so she could discredit me and be the bigger girl again.

To read more about my experiences with the mob of sociopaths or narcissists at my last job read my blog Experienced Knowledge  

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