Friday, December 4, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg's Letter to his Baby Daughter

Dear J,

Thank you for writing sharing your thoughts and feelings. I saw Mark Zuckerberg's letter to his baby daughter and I too didn't read the whole letter, because it's all a big illusion, they are creating an illusion of love for their daughter and the world. I totally agree with what you wrote that "their money should be spent for nationwide "parenting centers" as Lloyd de Mause writes about in one of the last chapters of his book "The Emotional Life of Nations"
but how could we convince Mark Zuckerberg and wife from this idea? It seems to be pointless..."

Charity alone doesn't work, it just keeps breeding poverty; the only way to stop poverty is to face one's repression. I'm sure if he had a baby boy, he would have circumcised him just like he was, and he will give to his daughter the same version of love illusion he received as a child. 

Advances in technology will not change the world for the better like he believes, unless society as a whole faces childhood repression, otherwise with the aid of technology we will destroy ourselves a lot faster! He is trying to sell a big illusion to the masses. And of course, the masses love to buy pretty illusions that distract them from having to face their fears of resolving their own childhood repression.

You are not making me a poisonous container! You are just sharing your feelings and thoughts with me and I love reading them. The only way you could make me your poisonous container was if you were blaming me for your plight and bad feelings and directing your bad feelings into me. And you are not doing any of that! 

Feel free to write me anytime.

Take good care,


M: Hi Sylvie. Read your posting on Mark Zuckerber's reminded me of a comment from my son on the breaking news of his donation. He told me he has revealed himself to be a sociopath through an interview he watched.

Sylvie Imelda Shene: Facebook was created by a sociopath for sociopaths to connect and spread their seductive lies and illusions. Have you noticed it how lies and illusions get liked and shared, but if someone posts the truth and facts exposing their pretty lies, it gets ignored. Most people on social media are sociopaths, narcissists, and psychopaths. And the ones that appreciate the truth are too afraid to stand by you for fear of being rejected and target by the sociopaths in their lives because they are still dependent on the sociopath's leftovers or crumbs and are afraid the sociopaths will stop giving them their leftovers or crumbs.

M: What you say makes so much sense. I look at posts, mine, and others, and the people that react to truthful posts are as many as the fingers of one hand when they are many. I had just witnessed a few days a non-reaction of a former colleague whose death was announced through an email with a huge mailing list of retired colleagues and if course I am one of them.  I worked in the unit with him under the same Chief for about 5 years. I witnessed how this Chief who had just been promoted and got this position. I immediately noticed we had a 'mad' boss on board. He had spirited eyes.   He was an absolute psychopath-sociopath.  This person just died was the first victim of a series.  I recall how he mercilessly destroyed him. Within 6 months he was fired or forced to leave. The chief (I was a witness) had fabricated lies to destroy him.  Years later I heard from another colleague who had been in touch that he developed SLA  and a few years ago his condition rapidly deteriorated and just died a few days ago, I am informed, very painful practically SLA is slow death. I had no doubt the trauma he went through must have lowered his immune system. I wrote to him an email a year ago suggested to me by this colleague/friend saying that he needed to hear some of us who he had known for many years while in service. It is frightening Sylvie. The world is run by sociopaths.

Sylvie Imelda Shene: Yes, the world is run by sociopaths and all promote each other and kiss each other’s asses; anyone that tries to expose their lies and facades, will be repressed and if possible completely destroyed. You saw how all the sociopaths at my job of nine and half years got together to try to destroy me after I publish my book exposing society's lies and illusions in order to protect their false selves/images so they could go on with their lies and illusions as usual. They don't care that their lies destroy people and fuels the violence we witness in our world. Charity helps the sociopaths get richer and it's all done to build their own images by given the poor their left-overs or crumbs that all it does is perpetuate and breeds more poverty. In most cases being very rich or very poor are different ends of the same stick, they both are empty inside; most rich people need the poor to stay poor to feed off them. Like I have been saying forever! The "helpers" are helping themselves by giving the illusion that are helping others. Being very rich or very poor it’s a symptom of a very diseased society.

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