Saturday, December 26, 2015

Better Alone Than Being a Scapegoat

It's better to be alone and to know that we are alone than to be with someone and nevertheless to be alone.

I Haven't Had Sex for Over Sex 10 Years  

Comments from the sharing on Facebook of the article above

Hamed Oubeid God bless all the Pamela Stephenson Connolly of this world. She is right. So, women who think no marriage, no children, career, career, think twice. Beyond 30-35 without a man, who throw the garbage out, water the garden, replace the light bulbs, open the letters from the Tax Department and deal with them and 1 daughter and 1 son almost ready to go to college, should be a difficult life. Monica Chelagat, is this a backward conception of a woman life from a backward African male?I tell this all the time to young females in the family and they always say yes, of course, uncle. I know they will not do it ...

Sylvie Imelda Shene Sad to say, but I'm very close to the 10 years mark, but I don't care, I will not settle unless I connect with someone at all levels, in mind, body, and soul, if I ever meet a man that I connect with at all levels, then it will be really special! Until then I just take care of myself.

Hamed Oubeid Sylvie! I was just provoking Monica Chelagat. Of course, the choice is free.

George Muammar It's the moment. A moment when men are in crisis because there is no longer space in this world for being a ''''man'''' and women are in crisis because their genetic idea of a ''''man''''isn't what they want at all, and most of all because we are becoming incapable of socializing, with all the implications of the word, so we resort to facebook

Monica Chelagat: Hamed, now and I am fresh and clean to respond. I totally agree with Pamela Stephenson. The saddest women and men today are those who have reached a good level of awareness, this includes a sense of self-respect for the themselves and others. They also have a sense of responsibility. They are intelligent not necessarily highly educated. They too realise the loss of identity in roles diffused among both sexes and I couldn't agree more with George (thank you George you coined it right!). At 60+ I still hope to meet someone I can fully relate to and protect each other. Life is give and take, I look back at my life and sadly note it has been mostly give and give but would love to experience the warmth of security from a good partner with all their imperfections, I have mine too.... just some basic intentions that connect. It is difficult, many people are so screwed up. But I know where this person might be certainly not in Italy! 

Sylvie Imelda Shene Very well said, Monica. I see the chances of meeting a man that has explored their own history and taken responsibility for their own childhood repression very slim. Most people are chasing illusions to distract them from having to face and feel their own childhood repression. And unconsciously and compulsively are looking for a scapegoat to transfer their disowned repressed emotions to temporarily and superficially alleviate their own childhood repression. I will never allow anyone to make me their scapegoat. The sociopaths at my last job tried very hard to make me pay for the crimes against them when little children. And for their own adult crimes against their own children. I lost my job, but they didn't make me their scapegoat.

Monica Chelagat Well framed Sylvie! I have experienced this both at work and private life. But I am grateful I had the strength and ability to defend myself despite a few 'broken bones'. Start by taking distance and their illusions already crumble. 

Sylvie Imelda Shene I’m sorry Monica, you too experienced being the scapegoat of others. When we are born into the role of scapegoat is very hard to break free from. It has taken me most of my life to break free from the scapegoat role I was born into. Glad you too broke free! Congratulations! And enjoy your freedom AND never let anyone steal it from you.

To read more about my experiences with the mob of sociopaths or narcissists at my last job read my blog Experienced Knowledge   

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