Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Lie We Live

This is why the #media is so afraid of me and my book... because I expose the roots of this lie that the Media and everyone are so invested in...

One thing I have learned after publishing my book is that humanity is much sicker, evil and dangerous then I thought… the majority are too invested in these lies and illusions and they have passed the point of no return.

Yes, most people are living a lie! And this is why I was attacked by a mob of sociopaths at my job of nine and half years, because my book exposes the roots of these lies that are shoved down our throats, first by our parents when we were defenseless little children and later as adults by sociopaths in power positions standing in symbolizing our parents. This is why I wrote my book A Dance to Freedom to show people how to save ourselves from the path of destruction. Unless people resolve childhood repression, they will be driven by the dead hand of their own repression in one form or another sooner or later to hurt themselves others or both.

This why the books of charlatans become best sellers right away, because they don't expose and challenge these lies in any way shape or form and that's why the media are happy to help promote their books, because it helps spread these lies, helps the sociopaths get richer and doesn't threaten their power position over others.

When Donald Trump says the establish media is fake news, he is right, but he is fake news too! The media have met their match in Donald Trump. 

New Age Bullshit Generator

If we had written a book telling the same old recycled BS that a computer can generate! My book would have been a best seller already! And the reason this BS is so popular with the masses is that it doesn't challenge them to face their own painful childhood repression.

If you like to read more about my experience with a mob of sociopaths also read my blog post Experienced Knowledge 

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