Saturday, September 16, 2017

Facing Racism and Discrimination

Hi A,

Sometimes it feels like you are more on the side of the sociopaths in the community where I used to work and of my ex-boss, the bank robber, than on my side and I wonder if it is because, they are white and rich, but the criminals of other races and poor, you are not shy to call them thugs. As I have shown you, they are plenty of thugs in the white race too, but a lot of them are just more sophisticated with more money hiding behind the law, their white privilege and money; sometimes posing as "helpers" and doing their crimes behind closed doors-- they are the most deceiving of them all -- It would have been nice to feel some outrage coming from you for what the sociopaths did to me and some sympathy.

Anyway, the real reason I'm writing now is that lately I sold a few copies of my book and someone just sent me the private message below on Facebook telling me that he likes my book and that I have done a great job.

"Hi Sylvie,  I purchased your book last week.  I have read a couple of chapters.  You have done a great job on your book from what I have read so far.  I really believe in Alice Miller's work and your book is a witness to her insights.  I strongly feel wounds from childhood abuse are the cause of much of the present day suffering.  When I finish your book I plan on giving it a 5-star review. All the Best Sylvie...Dennis"

A: Still busy.
I kind of can’t believe you’re insinuating that I'm some kind of racist…I hope I’m reading this wrong!
I’ve never cared what color anyone’s skin is or how much money they have or don’t have.
Of course, I’m on your side and I’m pretty sure that I ask you about your case, etc. on a regular basis. Not sure how much more sympathy I can show.

Sylvie: I have been pretty busy too. I don’t think you are consciously doing it, but when the evidence is put in front of you that a white man has committed a crime that could have completely destroyed my livelihood, you have a hard time believing it and question me?! And you don’t call them thugs like you call the criminals of other races and from other countries. We see it all the time on TV too, when a criminal of other races or from others countries are caught committing a crime, they are called thugs and terrorists, and they want to build walls and travel ban of whole groups of people to keep the thugs/terrorists out, but when is a white man caught commenting a crime, there is sometimes a big cover up, like we witnessed in the community where I used to work, or if many people are killed and they can't cover up the crimes, they say is a troubled or disturbed person that suffers from a mental illness, a lone wolf, but never called thugs or terrorists, that’s kind of racist and discrimination, don't you think?!  So don’t be afraid to call the criminals at the community where I used to work and my ex-boss, the bank robber, terrorists, and thugs, because they were terrorists trying to install fear on me. That’s what terrorist do! I have no doubt that if It was me that had lost my mind and committed a crime, the face, and name of the little poor woman would have been splashed all over all the news stations.

A: I don’t doubt you and I’m happy to call him a thug.
If I seemed incredulous, it’s only because it’s such a bizarre situation. That’s different from doubting you and I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear.

Sylvie: Cool! But the question now is: would you be incredulous and find it such a bizarre situation if it had happened in a poor neighborhood with people of different races instead of in an upscale community with a bunch of white people?! Because in a poor neighborhood with people of different races is expected?! 

Childhood repression is a phenomenon that affects all races and social economic.

A: Yes it would. Any bank robbery is bizarre because it seems like a movie, not real life.

If you like to read more about my experience with a mob of sociopaths also read my blog post Experienced Knowledge 

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