Saturday, April 14, 2018

A Sign That I Got it Right

Hi Sylvie,

Thank you so much for your email. I really appreciated how you took the time to respond to everything I wrote and added your own observations. What was a little shocking and scary, if I were, to be honest, was when you shared a quote from Alice Miller which used concentration camp victims as a basis for her ideas. For a long time, I used to think of my childhood was like being in a concentration camp. I think I was right. I just recently told my sister this and she agreed without hesitation. Without the proper help, though, that comparison faded in my mind over the past decade because it was too hard to bear. My therapists left the key untouched (!) and my only recourse was to mentally distance myself from it all. As you know, I'm ready to face it now.

I wish I could share more. I can tell I still need to wait, though.

I'm so sorry you have to endure manipulation and abuse from perfect strangers because of your book. However, I think it's a sign you got it right!

All the best,

Hi W,
I’m so glad my book together with Alice Miller’s books has given you the support you need for you to gather the courage and now you feel ready to face your own childhood repression.
Feel free to write me anytime when you feel a need and ready.
Yes, most people's childhood is like being in a concentration camp or emotional prison. Most of us were hostages of our parents or parents’ substitutes.
It’s sad that since I published my book I’m targeted by malignant narcissists’ trying to regress me and steal my freedom to bring me back into the emotional prison of childhood.
And it’s even sadder when these people proclaim to be therapists hiding behind Alice Miller, misusing her insights to manipulate me and blind me. These so-called “mental health professionals” just want their patients and everyone else to be tamed and below them, so they can have total control over them.
Yes, you are right, the fact that I’m targeted by so many malignant narcissists after I published my book – it’s a sign that I got it right!
"I witness day by day how many use good information to manipulate and abuse others." This is what I have been going through lately with a woman that proclaims to be a therapist named Olane Roos/Liliane Rombout. She proclaims to do her therapy based on Alice Miller's work. But with her critique of my book, she wants to rewrite my own story and what I should feel or not feel. How fxxked up is that?!
She is twisting the information she read in Alice Miller’s books to manipulate and exploit her clients and followers with half-truths she memorized like a parrot.
Many professionals out there, do great analyses and understand well the reasons of mental illness, depression, addictions and chronic illness, that is linked to childhood loss and trauma, and I quote few other professionals in my book to prove that are out there, other professionals saying what Alice miller says, but how they go about to heal those traumas, they use all kinds of manipulatives tactics and the same old tools like yoga, meditation, 12 steps and controlled drugs, that all it does is manipulate people's feelings, and repress their authentic feelings all over again, and as long people go on repressing their authentic feelings, they will be driven by them into the state of repetition compulsion of doing to others, themselves or both, especially their own children, what once was done to them, when they were defenseless little children. 
And the reason they do this is because they have not broken free from their own childhood repression. The only thing they have changed in their lives is the roles. Now they play the all-powerful role of father or mother figure over others keeping everyone stuck in the emotional prison of childhood.
It’s the repression of our authentic feelings that cause us long-term harm and not the trauma itself.
The Problem in our Society is an Emotional Blockage with the so-called “Educated People” We don’t need more studies or analyses to show us what causes mental illness and violence. 

The problem is not lack of knowledge and educated people, there are plenty of educated people with intellectual knowledge, the problem is an emotional blockage with the so-called “professionals” or “educated people” hiding behind their rationalizations and seductive theories to protect themselves from having to face and feel their own emotional pain.  

It takes courage to see, face and feel the repressed emotions of the child we once were. Intelligence alone is not enough; but it rather helps create seductive, rationalizations, theories, illusions, and lies to hide behind.
I think you also might like reading the e-mail I wrote to M in the link below:
Wishing courage and strength,

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