Saturday, February 14, 2015

Cowards always get Others to do the Dirty Work for Them

Hi F and G,

Thank you for writing.

The real culprits here are PP and X Board. What Mr. K wrote in his e-mail is total bullshit. Years ago when Mr. C was on the board in the chair of security, he came to me and told me: if any anyone under me or anyone else gave me trouble to call him and he would take care of it for me. Over the 9 and half years I worked there, I have worked with difficult people, but I always managed to work with them. But once, while Mr. C was still on the board, I did have a little issue with the Security Company over a pay vacation check that they kept insisting that they had paid me, when they had not, and after many e-mails and phone calls to HR, I could not get them to fix their mistake and pay me for my vacation, so I called Mr. C and explain to him my issue with S. and Mr. C called S and told them: that if I ever quit my job because of S that S would be gone too! And my little problem with S was solved overnight!

When I went to Mr. K to tell him I was being emotionally abused or bully by the new guy MB, he told me that it's an issue of the security company and he would rather not get involved. Of course, he didn’t want to get involved, he, PP and other members of the X board started the emotional harassment with their packages abusive procedure and were plotting with the security company to finish the job they started and do the fatal stabbing in my back to finish with me.

The quotes below describe exactly what happened after I published my book! The property manager recruited a team of flying monkeys taking turns doing her dirty work and she got the new guy and the security company to finish the job she started, this is how cowards work! We all know who the real culprit is!? The property manager!!!

Yes, she wanted to discredit me and reduce me to an inferior being, less than nothing.
Yep! This was one of the big reasons I was targeted by the sociopath that was the property manager at my last job because I am a truly happy and free person, but she was not able to destroy me and she didn't walk away wearing my skin. But instead, her true self was revealed.

Reading the quote above, the property manager at the community where I worked comes to mind. She was very jealous of me and she and the board manipulated by her came up with a messy packages abusive procedure, but then I came up with a package procedure that was really efficient and she comes up to me saying: "I heard you created a very efficient package procedure" and I just ignored her, because I knew she was full of it and then she says: "I am trying to give you a compliment!" She was trying to give me a compliment my ass, she was seeing what else she could come up with to bring me down. She has everyone fooled, but she never had me fooled from day one, I knew I could not trust her. These words from an article I just read could not be truer: "13. Suspect Flattery
Flattery and compliments are different, and you should learn to tell them apart. Sociopaths use flattery as a tool for manipulation." Read more HERE 
Yes, I can tell when someone is genuine and authentic or when someone is trying to create a smoke screen to blind me and manipulate me.  

The quotes below also articulate exactly what the property manager did. Totally she wanted to destroy me! And she got the new guy and the Security Company to finished the job she started, she is talented!!! 

Thank you to you both for being my friends.
Hugs with love,


To read more about my experiences with the mob of sociopaths or narcissists at my last job read my blog Experienced Knowledge  

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